Time on your hands? Do this…

While lockdown restrictions may soon be eased a little, many of us may be twiddling our thumbs wondering what to do with the extra time on our hands. Whether you’ve been furloughed, or you’re working from home and are saving an hour or two on your daily commute, you may find you have some more freedom to get on with some jobs around the house.

So, if lockdown boredom has well and truly set in (and you’re not homeschooling your children or working hard as a key worker), here are a few things you can do while you’re self-isolating, aside for being thankful for your health, of course. Read on…

Clean the Oven

If the inside of your oven has seen better days, now could well be the time to treat it to a good spring clean – and we have just the blog post to help you do just that.

Shower one of your most-used appliances with some extra TLC during lockdown and get it looking sparkly – almost like the day you bought it, if you scrub hard! You’ll get all the tips you need by clicking the link above, including the fact that treating your oven to a welcome spot of steam may well be what’s needed to remove some of that grease and grime.

Give Your Fridge a Deep Clean

It’s a big job, but a fridge clean and declutter will make all the difference when you’re planning meals.

Discard anything that’s past its best and bring foods with a short expiry date to the front of the fridge. You could order everything by shelf, adding dairy on one, meats on another, and salad items on a third. You could also have a shelf or drawer just for snacks, because we’re all enjoying the odd treat during lockdown, aren’t we?!

Here’s how you can prolong the contents of your fridge if you’re shopping less often now, too.

Declutter Your Cupboards

One too many pots and pans? Why not sort them out, once and for all?

Okay, so the refuse centres and charity shops aren’t quite open yet, but you can bag everything up until it’s ready to be donated – or ask the neighbours if they need anything you’re getting rid of. Make sure to ask them from a socially appropriate distance, though – and sanitise items before leaving them on their doorstep. They should sanitise them too, to minimise risk.

Polish Your Cutlery

There are lots of little kitchen-related jobs that tend to fall by the wayside, such as reorganising *that* drawer, or sorting out the paperwork and bills pinned to the noticeboard or fridge door.

Maybe now’s the perfect time to sort them; it’s also a good chance to polish up your best cutlery and crockery, ready for when we can host dinner parties again. There’s a tutorial to help you with the latter, here, as well as some more simple, 10-minute cleaning hacks.

Make Something

Always fancied making your own bread? Or maybe you want to master macarons or meringue? Get creative in the kitchen while you can, before showing off your baking efforts to your friends and family via social media.

How are you staying busy during lockdown? Let us know by commenting on this blog post, below.

Until next time…