Wine cooler & wine cabinet buyers guide

Why do I need a wine cabinet?

Why do you need a wine fridge? Well unless you have got access to a deep cellar with a stable temperature all year round, a professional wine cabinet is the perfect solution and they look great in your kitchen.

Taking good care of your wine is key and temperature control is important and the same can be said for protection from UV rays – The glass doors are UV protected.

What size wine coolers do you offer?

They start at 150mm wide and go up to 600mm

What’s the perfect temperature to store wine?

Red wines should be stored at 12-15 degrees and white wines cooler at around 9-13 degrees. Champagne and Prosecco are better at a temperature around 7 degrees.

Number of temperature zones one or two?

The widest cabinets are dual zone for keeping the red and white wines at the optimum temperature.

Can I fit champagne bottles in the cabinet?

Unfortunately, champagne bottles will only fit in our 300/600mm wine cabinets.

No bad smells from the Kitchen?

Select a model with built in carbon filtration.

Are they cheap to run?

They can be if you select the very latest energy class ‘A’ models.

Are they low vibration?

If they are installed correctly then yes as heavy vibration can disturb the sediment in quality wines.

Humidity levels?

Wine cabinets create the right atmosphere and humidity levels (between 55-75%) to prevent mould in the cavity and this preserves the cork quality and stops it drying out.

Where is the best place to position a wine cabinet?

Wine can spoil due to exposure to direct sunlight and therefore it is important to install it away from such a source.

Reversible doors?

All our wine cabinets have this feature as standard to suit the kitchen location.

UV/Heat free lighting?

All our cabinets have LED lighting that are UV free and without any heat output. Exposing wine bottles to florescent or direct light will make the wine age prematurely.

Cooling systems –

We fit energy efficient compressors to our cabinets that can regulate the temperature with much more precision.

Can I store beer and soft drinks in the cabinet?

You most definitely can…Cheers!