Minimise Risk When Eating Out: Here’s How

Pubs and restaurants have finally reopened, but whether you’re ready and raring to book a table or you’re feeling apprehensive, we have some top tips to ensure everyone can minimise risk – and not just for themselves.

The fact is, you may feel quite complacent about the possibility of contracting the virus, considering yourself at lower risk than others, but it isn’t about that; staying safe is about protecting everyone from COVID-19 while slowing the spread.

So, what can you do to keep yourself and others as safe as possible? We’re sharing a few tips everyone can bear in mind when heading out and about again…

Dine Outside Where Possible

Those who are more vulnerable to the virus may want to pass on dine-in options, says The Conversation, who add that ‘outdoor dining is safer than indoor dining’, while maintaining eye protection via glasses and intermittent mask use between bites might also decrease the risk further.

Wash or Sanitise Your Hands Regularly

Things may seem like they are returning to normality, but the advice remains: washing hands regularly can reduce transmission of the virus.

Many pubs and restaurants have set up hand sanitising stations for their customers, so do make sure you use them as often as necessary. Also try to minimise touching your face – and if you feel the need to sneeze, do so into your arm and not into your hands.

Check Out Reviews

Wondering how safe an eatery is? Check out online reviews to see if your restaurant or bar of choice is following legal requirements when it comes to COVID-19.

Other customers will be able to help you make a decision before booking you book a table, as people tend to be quite vocal if they’ve had a bad experience. Generally, restaurant owners will want to ensure their premises are as safe and inviting as possible, to encourage customers back to their business. If, however, you turn up and find that the restaurant, cafe or pub simply isn’t abiding my safety protocols, don’t be tempted to put yourself – or your fellow diners – in danger.

Visit Restaurants with Your Household Only

The Government has announced that you can visit a restaurant or pub with one other household, but if you’re not feeling too confident about that, minimise risk further by visiting just with those under your own roof. You could also reduce the amount of time you spend in the pub or restaurant, too; many establishments are enforcing a time limit to help people do just that.

Remember also that many bars and restaurants are cutting the spread of the virus by introducing disposable menus and in-app ordering systems. Some hospitality businesses will also insist their staff wear a mask, so you’ll probably find you are quite safe when heading out for a meal or drink.

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