Five Ways with Spring Flowers

We’re not going to lie, it isn’t the prospect of a mountain of choccy eggs that’s getting us excited about Easter here at My Appliances. What is it then? It’s the promise of a long weekend spent with family and friends and doing very little.

We’re looking forward to tucking into a huge Easter Sunday feast and we can’t wait to spend the whole day with our loved ones. So it got us thinking…how can we liven up the dining table in preparation for our weekend guests?

Last week on the blog, we brought you some general interiors tips and this week we’re focusing on the kitchen table – and how with a little know-how, we can ensure it’s looking stunningly seasonal in time for the annual roast dinner.

We’ve been inspired by Holly of the popular interiors blog Decor8. Holly’s a huge fan of a floral centrepiece and even brought out a book on the very subject. And seeing as spring’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a bouquet or two, we’re sharing with you our top five ways to turn a few seasonal flowers into something even more wonderful.

Add Them to a Rustic Basket

The easiest way to add interest to your dining table? A huge bunch of spring blooms! Head to the local market to get stems that are a little past their best. That way, if you’re only planning to display them on Easter Sunday, you won’t be throwing your money away.

Adding them to a rustic-looking basket like this one (below) is a cheap and cheerful way to create a gorgeous Easter table centrepiece. You probably won’t be able to add water to a centrepiece like this, which gives you another reason to shop around for cheaper blooms.


Try a Kilner Jar

Find somewhere else to store those jams or preserves you’ve made and instead add a pretty spring bouquet to your Kilner jar.

These decorative yet useful glass jars some in a range of sizes, so you can mix and match, adding a few of them to your dining table. Alternatively, dot them around your home – in the bathroom, hallway, wherever takes your fancy – and give guests a memorable welcome this Easter.


Arrange Them in a Vintage Glass Dish

That vintage dish your Nanna gifted you; where is it? Dust it off and use it! It’ll make a beautiful focal point for your dining table, we promise you. If you’ve cut your spring roses a little too short for a regular vase, this is an ideal way to still make the most of them.

Shallow dishes are great for displaying flowers like bright yellow roses, which can be ‘fluffed out’ to fill the whole bowl, and will look simply beautiful on your table, particularly when paired with delicate china crockery (below).


Think ‘More is More’

It’s Easter, so why not be a little extravagant? It’s not every day you have the whole family around for dinner, is it? Choose a variety of spring flowers – the more the merrier – and arrange them in a rustic fashion in a tall, thin vase.

Think outside the box and use everything from tea cups to jam jars and even retro-esque glass drinks bottles for a fun, fresh spring look.


Use Them to Decorate a Crate of Eggs

Get the kids involved and paint some egg shells in fun, spring shades. Then, simply place them back into the cardboard crate and tuck everything from feathers to little sprigs of lavender or narcissus in amongst them. Trust us, this is a beautiful and ridiculously easy Easter craft project!


How will you be livening up your kitchen table this Easter? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter.

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