Your Kitchen: Spring Interior Tips

Now that the new season is in full swing, you’re probably already considering giving your house a once over in a good old, long overdue spring clean. But what else can you do to ensure your home – and in particular, your kitchen – looks the part throughout the warmer, lighter and brighter months?

We have to say, here at My Appliances we’re all full of the joys of spring, so it made sense that we put our heads together to bring you some seasonal ideas for sprucing up the most-used room in the home. Here’s what we’d do – and guess what? None of these ideas take long or cost much!

Create a Seasonal Centrepiece


When spring…err ‘springs’ to mind, do you immediately think of bright zesty colours like orange and green? Here at My Appliances, we were drawn to this image of ripe-looking pears, which look simply gorgeous in a wire basket on a rustic-looking table.

Of course, you can create a similar spring-like centrepiece for your dining room table, using a bag or two of oranges, and adding in some lemons and maybe some limes too. It’ll work to brighten up your space, instantly drawing guests’ eyes to the centre of your room and making sure everything looks simply lovely. A bowl of fruit like this will also make a lovely (and easy!) Easter table centrepiece.

Lighten Up Your Evening Meals

So this isn’t an interiors tip as such, but in creating seasonal meals you can add a host of colourful ingredients to your kitchen in a flash. Spring onions, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables can really make your kitchen ‘pop’. Do the same as you did with your spring centrepiece and add veg in all colours of the rainbow to bowls and plates, placing in areas of interest in your kitchen.


Choose Pretty Tableware

Any excuse to buy some new tableware, eh? But it’s surprising how by simply switching up your crockery you can give your kitchen a whole new look. You don’t have to splash the cash too much, either; look out for quirky pieces in charity shops, on eBay or in vintage shops, adding them to a shelf or table in your kitchen for a pretty spring scene.


Treat Yourself

Fresh blooms make all the difference to the ambience of any room of the house – and the great thing about daffodils (and their miniature cousins, narcissus) is that they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to look after. Add a bunch or two of daffodils to your kitchen and you’ll find that your space is livened up in an instant.

No vase? Use anything from a retro teacup or teapot to a milk bottle for a fun take on spring interiors for your kitchen.


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