Guilt-free Cakes & Bakes? It’s True…

Who’s excited for this year’s Great British Bake Off? Okay, so it’s a while off yet, but the news that Noel Fielding (yes, he of The Mighty Boosh and Never Mind the Buzzcocks Fame) fame) is to step up as a judge on the show got us thinking about the TV programme.

We LOVE the Bake Off – and it’s true that the only bad thing about it is the calories we all consume in A) trying to have a bash at creating some of the cakes featured on the show, or B) Dashing straight to the supermarket following the programme to buy our body weight in Mr Kiplings. Such is the allure of a slice of sponge…



So, what do you do if you’d still like to enjoy a cake-based treat but don’t want to undo all your hard work slimming down following your Christmas binge? You turn to guilt-free cakes, that’s what – and let us tell you, there are plenty of them out there. Here are just a few recipes we love:

Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Potato Muffins

Sweet potatoes are having something of a moment, aren’t they? And if you like them as fries you’ll most certainly like them in cake!

Featuring chilli, cheese and seeds, these savoury muffins from Jamie Oliver’s website are a real treat. They’ll be ready in as little as an hour and, according to Jamie, they’re ‘not too tricky’ to make, either. The chef says they’re a good idea for breakfast, but here at My Appliances we say anytime of day is a great time for one of these bad boys – after all, they’re practically guilt-free!



Guilt-free Cupcakes

Everyone loves a cupcake, don’t they? So make sure you head on over to the Huffington Post website to see more of the sponge-based goodies than you can shake a rolling pin at!

Maybe you use a much-loved family cupcake recipe and want to find ways to adapt it to make it healthier? Take a look online for some inspiration; you can even substitute butter in some cakes for avocado – yes, you read that right!

‘Healthy’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like cookies? Love chocolate chips? You’re in luck today, then, thanks to this guilt-free chocolate chip cookie recipe via Jane’s Healthy Kitchen. The site features all manner of recipes that won’t affect your waist line (well, not too much anyway!) so make sure you head over there to pick out some of your favourites.


Deliciously Ella’s (New and Improved) Sweet Potato Brownies

We’ve featured Ella on the My Appliances blog before – and it’s with good reason. The girl’s a genius when it comes to dietary advice, having cured a chronic condition simply by switching up what she ate. So we thought we’d share with you Ella’s popular – and now new and improved! – sweet potato brownie recipe. See, we told you sweet potatoes were doing the rounds a bit, eh?

One look at these brownies and you’ll be a convert to a healthier, cake-based life in no time – yum!

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