Packed Lunch Perfection: Here’s How

Every morning’s the same: “Muuuum, I don’t want to eat that; can’t I just have a biscuit?!” But no longer will you have to endure a daily battle where your little one’s packed lunch is concerned – because here at My Appliances we’ve come up with the answer. Or rather answers.

We aim to make your life easier here at our Leeds HQ, whether that’s by bringing you amazing value appliances you’ll love, or just providing the odd tip or two. Today is no exception, so read on for all the packed lunch tips you need to ensure there’s no arguments come the morning. Trust us, this will work.

Get Your Kids Involved – If your children don’t want to eat what you’ve packed for them, allow them to have a say – although not too much – in the shopping and preparation process.

It’s important here to steer them towards the healthy options; if they choose chocolate, suggest healthy flapjack bars. Likewise, if they want crisps, look out for vegetable-based ones. The healthier alternatives will always be the best bet. And when it comes to preparing things like little sticks of carrot or celery, let your kids get hands-on there, too. If they feel they’ve been a part of the process they’ll be more inclined to eat what’s in their lunch box.


Allow a Treat Every So Often – Everyone deserves a treat every once in a while, so make sure you allow them in moderation.

NHS Choices suggests that a healthy and balanced lunch box is one that contains starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, proteins like meat, fish, egg or beans, a dairy item (cheese or yoghurt) and vegetables, salad and fruit. But there’s no reason your kids’ lunch box can’t include a small biscuit every once in a while.

Mix things up a bit by choosing a slice or two of watermelon over a regular banana. Or pop some savoury crackers in your child’s lunch box with a small amount of cheese. It’ll beat soggy old sandwiches and you could pair it with another small savoury snack or two, such as a couple of crab sticks, or a hard boiled egg.


If Time Allows, Make Food Fun – If you have the time in the evenings (or even at the weekend) think of ways you can make your kids’ standard lunch box items a bit more fun. Can you cut vegetable sticks into animal shapes, for instance? Or maybe you can do the same with the little slabs of cheese you pop in with the crackers? Kids could have a go at making their own smoothies or juices, too – and these could be added to their school bag for on-the-go hydration.

The key with perfect packed lunches is simply to be organised. Once you’ve discovered what works for both you and your little one, you’ll be laughing. Then simply stock up on the healthy foods they enjoy to encourage a better diet away from the school canteen, too.

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