Guilt-free Easter Treats to Try

Are you ready for Easter? It’s only a few weeks away and already we’re seeing rows and rows of choccy eggs lining the supermarket shelves. But what to do if you’re on a health kick? Groan.

Is there a chocolate Egg alternative you can tuck into completely guilt-free? Of course, sugary treats aren’t without their calories, but there are plenty out there that come with a host of other benefits. Here’s what you could try:

Dark Chocolate – Providing you choose a dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, you’ll be onto something! With a host of health benefits, plain chocolate is much better for you than the regular milk variety – and there’s so many reasons why. First and foremost, it offers a powerful antioxidant hit, which can’t be bad eh? More than that, though, it boosts blood flow and lowers blood pressure, too¬†– find out more by clicking here.


Try it melted in a fondue: add strawberries, banana pieces and even apple for a sweet yet relatively healthy Easter treat.

Lemony Easter Chicks

If guilt-free Easter treats are what you’re after, you can’t go far wrong with these lemony meringue chicks. A quick and easy set of goodies make with your kids, these chicks (via BBC Good Food) have fewer than 20 calories each! You’ll only need a handful of ingredients, too: a couple of egg whites, golden caster sugar, and the zest of half a lemon to name just a few.

Know someone who’s gluten-free? These chicks are perfect for them! Why not make a batch and surprise someone this Easter with a jar of these irresistible treats?

Deliciously Ella’s Almond Energy Balls

Ella of the blog Deliciously Ella is known for her delicious vegan-friendly treats – and these raw energy balls are just one of the favourites amongst her ever-growing, foodie-loving community. With just five ingredients, these are as simple to put together as the lemony chicks (above) – and they really will have you feeling energised, too. Say goodye to a chocolate-induced Easter slump!




And if you don’t fancy any of the above options…

…remember that your Easter egg doesn’t have to be a sweet one! Instead, why not whip up an egg-based treat of the savoury,¬†dairy kind! A healthy omelette might stave off your hunger while making you feel like you’re still getting in on the Easter act, while a poached egg and avocado on toast is a perfect breakfast food during the morning of Sunday, April 16. You could add a sprinkling of low fat grated cheese and a few herbs and spices to spruce it up – and don’t forget a pinch or two of salt and pepper.

What’s your favourite guilt-free Easter food? And are you looking forward to Easter and a much-deserved break from work? We guarantee you will be now that you know you can still indulge without the worry. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on if you give any of these recipes a try; find us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Until next time…

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