How to Bring Calm to Your Kitchen

How calm is your kitchen? The hub of the home, it can often be a chaotic space. The dog’s under your feet while you’re trying to cook, the kids are running around while you pack their lunch boxes for school, and there’s a stack of paperwork on the table that’s still waiting to be sorted through. Your kitchen needn’t feel like a stressful place to be, though. You can absolutely bring a sense of calm to it – and here are our top tips. Read on…

Choose Calming Colours

One of the easiest ways to alter the ambience in your kitchen is to fill it with calming colours.

Choose a soothing palette of neutral tones – beige, salmon, maybe even lilac; you don’t need to repaint or invest in new cabinetry, but you can add a few touches here and there by way of vases, flowers and other, smaller decorative items. For you, calming colours may even be bolder shades; select a scheme which makes you feel chilled – and run with it!

Try to pick a colour scheme that will age well; trendy schemes are a good idea now, but you won’t want to redecorate every year.

Try a Minimalistic Look

This tip ties in with the notion of introducing some calming colours to your space.

Alongside your relaxed colour palette, opt for a minimalistic look in your space. This may mean clearing any cookbooks currently cluttering up your worktops (you don’t have to get rid of them, just transition them to a bookcase, or your cupboards), storing rarely-used appliances out of sight, and generally ensuring there isn’t too much going on.

That way, you’ll feel cool, calm and collected when you come to cook the evening meal.

Add Artwork That Makes You Smile

Often, we forget that the kitchen is another area of the home that’s crying out for us to add a bit of personality to it. So, find a piece of artwork (or two) that makes you happy and hang it above your kitchen table. It will instantly bring a sense of calm to your space; what is more soothing than looking at something you love every day?

Opt for a Low-noise Cooker Hood

A calm kitchen is a quiet-ish one, so opt for a low-noise cooker hood from the My Appliances range – take a look here. Then, once you’ve selected one, you can get your favourite, relaxing playlist on – and enjoy it!

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

That paperwork we mentioned? Just move it to another room. After all, you don’t want to risk it getting splattered with food. You can deal with it in the comfort of your living room and you can dish up the dinner without having to slide those important papers across the table.

How do you create a relaxing space at home? Let us know by commenting on this blog (below).

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