How to Buy the Best Oven

Your oven is perhaps the most useful appliance you’ll find in your kitchen. With it, you can cook and bake all kinds of recipes for your family with minimal effort and upkeep.

But not all ovens are built equal. Whether you’re remodelling your entire kitchen or simply looking to upgrade your existing oven, there are a few factors you should keep in mind when it comes to buying an oven suited to your needs. 


It goes without saying that you can’t buy just any oven that catches your eye. You’ll have to make sure it’s the right size. 

Using a tape measure, take down the height, width and depth of the space where your new oven will be. The height should consider any cabinets or hoods overhead, particularly if your oven will come with a hob built into its top, while the width should be such that the oven can slide into place snugly. Finally, be sure that you’ll be able to open your oven door fully in your kitchen space.

Gas vs. Electric

Gas ovens and electric ovens each have pros and cons. Electric ovens provide steady, even heat and are cheaper upfront compared to gas ovens. However, electric ovens take quite some time to heat up to the full temperature, while gas ovens heat up instantly. Gas ovens also tend to be cheaper to operate and are more cost-efficient.

Choose your oven type based on your own personal needs, as well as the logistics of your kitchen. you don’t have a gas line, for example, you might be better off opting for an electric stove.

Double vs. Single

For most households, a single oven is more than enough to take care of daily cooking needs. However, if you have a large family or you regularly cook for many people, a double oven would be a useful investment. As the name suggests, a double oven is two ovens combined into a single unit, with each oven having independent controls. That means you can have multiple types of dishes cooking at the same time. Also perfect for starting your own home bakery!


You might think an oven is just for cooking and baking. This handy appliance can do a lot more, actually! Today, ovens come packed with features to enhance the cooking experience. This includes recognisable features, like an oven light, but it also includes the ability to defrost, to grill and to heat food at different levels with the help of a fan. Some nifty ovens even have a self-cleaning function to cut down on cleaning time. And then, of course, there are the optional features you can add on, like a warming drawer to keep meals and dinnerware warm.

We hope this guide will help you pick out your next oven! Before you go, don’t forget about the variety of ovens available for you on our website.

Until next time…