I Didn’t Know You Could Do That in the Kitchen…

When it comes to kitchen hacks, everyone thinks theirs are the best. But we reckon we’ve gathered a few together today on the My Appliances blog that you weren’t even aware of – until now, that is.

Without further ado, here’s a few things that will certainly have you exclaiming: ‘I didn’t know you could do that in the kitchen!’ Read on – and don’t forget to share these tips and tricks with your pals, too.

Need to Reheat a Takeaway Pizza? Fry it!


Want to know what is THE best way to reheat your cold takeaway pizza?

According to the folks over at BuzzFeed, it’s by popping it in a frying pan. And guess what; we’ve tried it and they were right. Make sure you clck on the link above to read more about how exactly to do it. You can thank us (and BuzzFeed!) later.

You Can Make Bacon and Eggs Look Like a Work of Art…

CaptureImage via Food.com

Got guests staying over during the Bank Holiday weekend and want to rustle them up something a bit more special than a bacon butty? We hear you.

Try this recipe for bacon and egg cups – and trust us when we say it’s a lot easier than it appears.

Make ‘Healthy’ Ice Cream…


Yeah, you read that right. According to The Daily Mail, bananas are good for making a sweet post-dinner treat.

All you need to do is freeze one until it’s solid, then whiz it up in a blender or food processor. Apparently, it’ll transform before your eyes into a natural, creamy ‘ice cream’ with no artificial ingredients. Add hundreds and thousands and some strawberry sauce and the job’s a good ‘un.

Stop Yourself from Crying While Chopping Onions

Now here’s a good one – we can certainly all get on board with this. Right? Simply freeze the onion before chopping and we promise you there’ll be no more tears.

If that doesn’t work, put a slice of bread in your mouth (with a bit sticking out) – honestly, it’ll do the trick!

onion-657497_960_720And finally…

Make Ice Cubes from Wine – We Kid You Not!

Making a summer punch or a wine spritzer? You’ll definitely want to give these wine ice cubes a go – hey, you could even just pop one in your mouth on its own when you’re feeling hot and bothered. Always remember to drink ice cubes responsibly, mind.

wine cubesImage via cookinglight.com

Do you have any more cool kitchen hacks of your own? Don’t forget to let us know by commenting on this week’s blog, below – we’re looking forward to hearing what you’ve got.

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