New Year’s Kitchen Resolutions

Forget that age-old ‘New Year, New You’ phrase. The only ‘newness’ we’re looking forward to in 2020 is a brand-new kitchen. Well, when we say new, we don’t mean new cabinets and worktops – but instead, a fresh approach to cooking, storage, waste, cleaning and everything else in between!

So, this week on the My Appliances site – our latest blog post of 2019, no less – we’re talking new year’s kitchen resolutions. Yes, really. Read on for the resolutions our team is making as we welcome in a new 12 months…

I’ll Make More Freshly Baked Treats

The main New Year’s goal of one of our team members was this one: bake more. Well, what a resolution! It’s certainly one the rest of us aren’t about to argue with, especially if it means we can all benefit from the baking they bring into the office!

In fact, everyone should challenge themselves to an at-home bake-off with a family member from time to time. The reason being baking is massively therapeutic – and you can eat the fruits of your labour. Quite literally. Yum.

I’ll Expand My Hot Beverage Collection

Yes, this was really a new year’s goal from a My Appliances staff member – and why ever not? Who here just has coffee and tea to hand in the kitchen? Instead, why not invite lemon and honey tea, green tea, jasmine tea (and all the other fascinating and healthy varieties you can think of) to the ‘tea party’?! That way, you can give guests a choice when they pop round for a cuppa. Hooray to that.

I Won’t Leave the House Unless the Kitchen’s Sparkling Clean

“One thing I absolutely hate,” a colleague told us, “is arriving home from work to a messy, unclean kitchen.”

This staff member told us it put a dampener on his evening, as he then had to begin tidying up and cleaning before he could get on with preparing a meal. In 2020, he plans to clear away the plates straight after he’s eaten, so he doesn’t have to wake up to a messy kitchen – or come home to one.

I’m Going to Try to Eat More Healthily

Healthy eating is easy when you’re prepared – so we don’t blame a couple of My Appliances team members for vowing to make more of an effort when it comes to cooking and eating food. After all, a healthier diet can do wonders to the way you feel. They’re looking forward to bounding out of bed in the morning as a result of eating meals packed with fruit and veg, cutting down on junk and consuming fewer alcoholic units per week, too.

What’s your kitchen New Year’s resolution? Do you even have one? Let us know by commenting below – and don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook, too.

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Until next time…