Space-saving Kitchen Gadgets for Any Home

Struggling to comfortably cook and prepare food in your kitchen? Want to know how you can make better use of your space without resorting to an extension? In this week’s My Appliances blog, we’re bringing you some of our favourite space-saving kitchen gadgets anyone can add to their home to ensure it’s that bit more functional.

From larger appliances like ovens to smaller (but no less important!) accessories like wine bottle coolers and storage, you’ll find some great ideas here that you can easily put into action. Read on…

Double Electric Ovens

If you’re someone who cooks a lot and therefore needs the power of two ovens over one, look no further than My Appliances’ double electric ovens. They’re a great space saver (one oven on top of the other is, of course, much better than two individual ones) as they utilise the height of your room rather than the width.


Offering nicely-weighted chunky controls and handy programmers with added touch sense control systems, our ovens provide good capacity for all sorts of tasty mid-week meals. On top of this, they come with an excellent energy level rating of ‘A’, which means you’ll more than get value for money when you buy one of these.

Wine Coolers

Love a nice bottle of white on an evening but don’t have the cellar (or fridge) space to accommodate your favourite tipple? What you need is one of our wine coolers – and at the moment, you can enjoy an even better deal than usual, as you’ll get 10% off if you add the code ‘CHILLOUT10’ into the promo box at the checkout.

A Tea Trolley or Veg Cart
Another kitchen accessory which makes best use of the height of a room is a tea trolley (as seen below), a drinks cart or wheeled veg rack. They can be picked up so cheaply – via eBay or from antiques shops – and then upcycled to your own taste.
You really can use them for whatever you like too; trollies like these are generally built high, rather than wide, which means you can make use of an otherwise unused corner of your kitchen, or simply free up some cupboard or fridge space by using one as handy additional storage.
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Magnetic Knife Rack
Now here’s a great little idea – a magnetic knife strip (via Amazon). It instantly frees up some of the compartments in your currently overstuffed cutlery drawer and it looks the part too. Helping you stay organised, the strip allows you to store quite a few knives in one place – and they’ll be secure there too.
Looking for some more ideas when it comes to making the most of a small kitchen? Take a look around sites like Pinterest for some handy hints and tips – and make sure you get in touch with our team; we’ll help point you in the direction of the best sized gadgets for your own space.
How do you save much-needed space in a small kitchen? Don’t forget to let us know by commenting on this blog, below. In the meantime, feel free to pop over to our Facebook page and join the conversation over there too.

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