TikTok Kitchen Hacks to Try Today

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Featuring ‘real people’ and ‘real videos’, the app is much-loved around the world – and particularly amongst those who prefer their digital content short, sharp and impactful.

So, we simply had to delve into the app to find out what’s out there in terms of kitchen-related content. LOTS; let us tell you! If you aren’t yet on the app, this YouTube video brings you a selection of the most-watched kitchen-related TikTok videos out there – via the British Cook channel. Let’s run through some of them…

Sprinkle-topped Eton Mess

The first video is a fun and quirky take on the traditional Eton mess dessert – and we can’t wait to try it. Featuring meringue, cream and fruit…so far so classic. But then come the sprinkles…and suddenly it’s been given a trendy update any teenager will be glad of. Or indeed any ‘adult’ cook who loves to make like a big kid in the kitchen.

Find the video and try the recipe for yourself.

Breakfast Pancakes

Want some inspiration for breakfast at the weekend? The app features a quick and easy recipe for pancakes, featuring some of your favourite toppings. We’re talking about all-American pancakes – and not the kind you eat on Shrove Tuesday, although those are equally delicious.

Oreo Sundae

If you like Oreos and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (who doesn’t?!), you’ll love the sundae-style dessert on TikTok, which features both in abundance.

It may not be quite the weather for ice-cream based puddings anymore, but we won’t tell! Get creative in the kitchen and try the recipe for yourself. Or, you know, settle for a hot chocolate instead.

Cheesy Dip

Huge fan of cheese? You’ll love the cheesy dip, also seen in the video we’ve linked at the top of this blog post, which will work perfectly with bread that’s fresh from the oven. Give it a go this weekend and treat yourself.

There are plenty more food-related videos over on TikTok itself, with content from popular content creators and celebrities alike. If you haven’t already, download the app and see what you can find.

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