Barbecue Season is Here!

That’s it…barbecue season is well and truly upon us.

If, like us, you dusted off your bbq during the long weekend’s Coronation celebrations, you’re probably not quite ready to put it back in the shed again. So, you may as well keep it out (covered, of course) and accept that it’s time to swap indoor cooking for alfresco feasts. Well, except when the weather’s not playing ball, that is.

Read on for our top recipe suggestions to try on your barbecue…

BBC Pulled Pork

A crowd favourite, pulled pork is still the recipe on everyone’s lips when it comes to barbecued food. It’s also delicious cooked in a slow cooker during the autumn and winter months.

On burger buns, though, it really comes into its own – try Olive magazine’s recipe and see what you think. Top your pulled pork with homemade or shop-bought coleslaw and you’re onto a winner.

Peppered Steak and Potato Salad

If you’re a meat eater, there will be few things tastier to you than a piece of steak.

Want a way to make your steak taste even better? Cook it outside. There’s just something about alfresco food prep that makes everything that bit more delicious…or are we on our own with that one?!

Want a side dish or main meal that is bound to hit the spot? Try Tesco’s peppered steak and potato salad, which contains plenty of fresh herbs and a creamy ranch dressing. Indulgent yet fresh-tasting, it’s a nice alternative to barbecued beef burgers – if you fancy a change.

Spiced Chicken Kebabs with Chopped Salad and Flatbreads

If you can’t have a barbecue without throwing some chicken on it, here’s a recipe with your name all over it: spiced chicken kebabs with chopped salad and flatbreads. The BBC Good Food site had us at flatbreads, to be honest (mmm, bread).

Taking just 30 minutes to prep and a mere 15 minutes to cook, this easy peasy dish sees you marinate your chicken in yoghurt, spices and zest, before grilling them to make flavourful skewers. Then, you simply serve them in the flatbreads with plenty of cucumber yoghurt and salad.

Miso Mushroom and Halloumi Burgers

Vegetarian? Or perhaps you’re inviting some veggie guests to your bbq. If so, you’ll want to try these miso mushroom and halloumi burgers, which have a five-star rating online and look as delicious as they are easy to make. Find the full recipe via the link above and give them a go the next time you fire up your barbecue.

Halloumi Salad

Love halloumi but not a fan of mushrooms? You could, of course, make the burger (above) but omit the mushrooms, or you could make your life even easier and throw together a simple halloumi salad (pictured). Add your own favourite ingredients – from avocado to croutons, red onion and plenty of your dressing of choice – and serve as a delicious side dish or main meal.

Any of these recipes take your fancy? We hope this article marks the start of a long, hot summer of barbecues – fingers crossed!

Until next time…

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