Got this…? Make This!

How are your kitchen cupboards looking? A bit bare, perhaps?

In this Ready Steady Cook-esque blog post (who remembers the TV show?!), we’re showing you how you can create a tasty dish out of just a handful of ingredients. Read on for some inspiration before you head into the kitchen tonight…

Got some smoked ham and four eggs?

If you’ve got a few slices of smoked harm (about 50g worth) and four eggs, you’ll only need three more ingredients to make this delicious saucy bean baked eggs recipe, via BBC Good Food.

To make this easy evening meal, you’ll just need two 400g cans of cherry tomatoes, too, as well as a 400g can mixed bean salad, 200g spinach, and some wholemeal rye bread (optional – and to serve).

Simple to make as well as tasty, this is one midweek or weekend recipe you’ll want to keep to hand when you don’t know what to cook.

Got an avocado that’s about to go brown?

If your avocado is a day or so away from going brown, you’ll want to use it – and fast. Add a few more ingredients to your cooking station and you have everything you need to make avocado bread. Yes, it’s a thing!

You’ll also need some plain flour (the recipe calls it all-purpose flour, which we know as plain flour here in the UK), baking powder, sugar, an egg, and some vanilla extract. Oh, and some salt. Basically, we reckon you’ll probably already have all those ingredients in your cupboards – and if so, you can get to work creating this delicious, sweet (and quick-to-make) bread, which is so moreish you’ll wish you made another batch.

Got some salmon fillets and some soba noodles?

If you’ve got these key ingredients, you have the makings of a speedy salmon noodle stir-fry – all you’ll need to accompany them is two carrots, some peas, and a packet of stir fry sauce. Taste has the full recipe, above – and, of course, you can change the ingredients in line with what you can easily pick up at your go-to supermarket.

Got a lamb neck fillet and three red onions?

Okay, so these aren’t likely to be ingredients you have lurking in your fridge – but this mini lamb hot pot recipe from Jamie Oliver uses only a handful of ingredients (including the lamb and onions), with the end result looking so delicious that it’ll be worth making a trip to the supermarket.

You’ll also need some mint sauce, some umami paste, and 500g of potatoes.

Got some plums and some maple syrup?

We couldn’t forget pud, could we?! So, it’s over to Jamie Oliver’s site yet again – this time for this plum tarte tatin recipe, which also utilises cinnamon, puff pastry, and vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

Will you be trying any of these recipes out this week? Let us know by commenting on this blog post (below).

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